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Form 137

How to make a form 137?

NameSSNDate of birthRelationshipComplete addressTelephone numberPresent occupation or businessName and address of employerMarital statusIf spouse deceased or legally separate, date of event More items...

How do you make a form 137 letter?

Set or change properties for content controlsSelect the content control that you want to change.Go to Developer > Properties.Change the properties that you want.

How to make a form 137 request?

Definition of TermsForm 137 (Permanent Record) – permanent school learner record showing the historical academic and co-curricular record of the learnerForm 138 (Report Card) – document showing the academic performance of a learner in a given school yearReceiving School – the school requesting for the permanent records of a transferring learner More items...

What is 138 form?

Form 138 (Report Card) is a document that shows the academic performance of the student in a given school year. It’s a report that details the level or percent performance of the student in each subject. Why do you need Form 138? A student needs the form 138 for reasons such as transferring schools and scholarship applications etc…

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