What are the top 10 corporate social responsibility campaigns launched this year?

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It is important to note that the “top” corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns can vary based on individual opinions and the specific criteria chosen to rank them. Nevertheless, here are ten notable CSR campaigns launched in 2021:

1. The Climate Pledge by Amazon: This campaign commits Amazon to become net-zero carbon by 2040 and to purchase 100,000 electric delivery vehicles.

2. Apple’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative: This initiative commits $100 million to promote racial equality and justice, including funding for education, economic equality, and criminal justice reform.

3. Nike’s “Move to Zero” Campaign: Nike introduced ambitious sustainability targets, aiming to achieve zero carbon and zero waste, and implemented initiatives like recycling used sneakers into new products.

4. Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste: Coca-Cola pledged to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can they sell by 2030, promoting recycling infrastructure and reduced plastic packaging.

5. Google’s Timelapse Project: Google partnered with NASA, the European Space Agency, and the U.S. Geological Survey to reveal the visual impact of climate change through 37 years of satellite images.

6. Citigroup’s $1 Billion Climate Initiative: Citigroup committed $1 billion to sustainable energy projects, climate solutions, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the world by 2025.

7. Johnson & Johnson’s Health for Humanity 2025 Goals: This initiative aims to improve the health and well-being of billions of people worldwide by focusing on key global health challenges, such as infectious diseases, maternal and child health.

8. Microsoft’s AI for Health Initiative: Microsoft pledged $40 million over five years to apply artificial intelligence technology to address global health issues, including areas like medical research, reducing healthcare disparities, and improving health equity.

9. Unilever’s “Clean Future” Program: Unilever introduced this initiative to eliminate fossil fuel-based chemicals from its cleaning and laundry products by 2030, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

10. Starbucks’ “Brewing a Better Future” Initiative: Starbucks announced plans to invest $100 million in its supply chain over the next three years, focusing on ethical sourcing, eco-friendly manufacturing, and farmer support.

Please note that there are numerous other noteworthy CSR campaigns by different companies, and the ranking and inclusion of campaigns may vary depending on different perspectives and criteria.

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