What are the top 10 highest earning CEOs this year?

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The list of the top 10 highest-earning CEOs in 2021 is subject to change as the year progresses, but based on available data and estimates, some of the highest-earning CEOs this year (as of October 2021) are:

1. Patrick Drahi (Altice USA): $1.85 billion
2. Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX): $1.65 billion
3. Mike Lindell (MyPillow): $1.5 billion
4. Roblox CEOs (David Baszucki and Craig Donato): $1.2 billion each
5. Jack Dorsey (Twitter): $1.1 billion
6. Phil Knight (Nike): $1 billion
7. Sundar Pichai (Alphabet/Google): $666 million
8. Tim Cook (Apple): $621 million
9. Reed Hastings (Netflix): $606 million
10. Leonard S. Schleifer (Regeneron Pharmaceuticals): $503 million

Please note that these figures are approximate estimations based on available data and may vary as new information is released.

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