What are the top 10 significant acquisitions in the e-commerce sector this year?

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The following is a list of ten significant acquisitions in the e-commerce sector in 2021:

1. Amazon’s acquisition of MGM: Amazon acquired the film and TV studio MGM for $8.45 billion in May, aiming to enhance its streaming content offerings.

2. Shopify’s acquisition of Stripe: Shopify acquired Stripe, a digital payments company, in a deal worth $1 billion to strengthen its financial services for merchants.

3. Etsy’s acquisition of Depop: Etsy, an online marketplace for unique goods, acquired Depop, a fashion resale app, for $1.6 billion in June, expanding its presence in the fashion industry.

4. Square’s acquisition of Afterpay: Financial technology company Square acquired Afterpay, an Australian buy now, pay later platform, in a $29 billion deal to expand its services and reach more consumers.

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5. Thrasio’s acquisition of Yardline: Thrasio, an Amazon-focused acquirer of third-party private-label brands, acquired Yardline, a provider of growth capital for e-commerce sellers, to fuel its expansion.

6. Figs’ acquisition of Lululemon’s MIRROR: Figs, a medical apparel brand, acquired MIRROR, a connected-fitness company owned by Lululemon, for $500 million, combining fashion and fitness technology.

7. GoDaddy’s acquisition of Poynt: GoDaddy, a web domain and hosting company, acquired Poynt, a payments provider, to offer integrated e-commerce and payments solutions for small businesses.

8. Wix’s acquisition of SpeedETab: Website development platform Wix acquired SpeedETab, an ordering and payment solution for restaurants, to enhance its e-commerce capabilities and cater to the food industry.

9. UPS’s acquisition of Roadie: UPS, the package delivery giant, acquired Roadie, a crowdsourced delivery platform, to expand its same-day and last-mile delivery network for e-commerce.

10. Paytm’s acquisition of Raheja QBE Insurance: Paytm, an Indian digital payments and e-commerce platform, acquired Raheja QBE Insurance, a general insurance company, to enter the insurance market and provide additional services to its user base.

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