Kulang In English


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Kulang In English

What is the best English translation of Kulang?

The best English translation of the word kulang in Dictionaries are incomplete, deficient, lacking, inadequate, insufficient, fragmental, fragmentary, halfway, partial, shortage, missing. What is Kulang meaning in English? Incomplete it means not having all the necessary appropriate parts.

What does “Kulang Sa Pansin” mean?

However, if we look at sentence number 2, the phrase “kulang sa pansin” is an idiomatic expression that denotes a person merely wants attention. Here are some other English words that could be translated to as “Kulang”: In some cases, “kulang” could also be translated as “want” or “need”. Let’s take this sentence for example:

What is the difference between Kapal and Kulang?

Sa ilalim ng kanilang napakatibay na pang-ibabaw na mga balahibo ay may makapal na suson ng malambot na mga balahibo, na tinatawag na down feather, na kulang - kulang dalawang sentimetro ang kapal at bumabalot sa halos buong katawan ng ibon.

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