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What is Piso WiFi?

What is Piso Wifi? It is a Wi-Fi enabled system which gives you an instant Wi-Fi hotspot for as low as Php 1 only. It’s compatible with the following devices: Mobile phones; Tablets; Laptops; Any device with wifi; Piso Wifi Features No Username and Password Needed. It does not require for the users to log in using a username and password.

How can I Check my payment history on Piso WiFi?

If you want to check on the payment history, Piso Wifi has a feature to summarize your income which is a great way of checking your history. The Piso Wifi system is compatible with whichever access point wi-fi extenders on their areas.

How much does it cost to start a WiFi business in the Philippines?

For those who want to start their small business this is a perfect idea since it only needs an estimated capital worth of Php 30,000. Sales of a single Piso Wifi machine were at Php200/day to Php500/day or P6,000/month-Php 15,000/month, but it can reach up to P44,000 in a month.

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