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How to fill in philgeps registration form?

The tips below will allow you to fill in Philgeps Registration easily and quickly: Open the form in the feature-rich online editor by clicking Get form. Fill in the required fields which are yellow-colored. Click the arrow with the inscription Next to move on from box to box. Use the e-signature solution to e-sign the form.

What are the requirements for philgeps platinum?

PhilGEPS Platinum Requirements - Complete List. Listed below are the requirements needed before you register for PhilGEPS Platinum: 1. DTI or SEC Certificate 2. Latest Mayor's Permit 3. Latest Tax Clearance Certificate 4. Latest ITR Audited Financial Statement 5.

How often are philgeps forms updated?

Our forms are updated on a regular basis according to the latest legislative changes. In addition, with our service, all the data you include in the Philgeps Registration is protected against leakage or damage through industry-leading file encryption.

What is this PS-philgeps advisory about?

This advisory is issued to warn the public against unauthorized individuals and/or entities that misrepresent the PS-PhilGEPS by illegally collecting fees for unofficial transactions.

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