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Php Login Code

How to create a login system in PHP?

Building the Login SystemCreating the Login Form Let's create a file named "login.php" and place the following code inside it. ...Creating the Welcome Page Here's the code of our "welcome.php" file, where user is redirected after successful login. ...Creating the Logout Script

What is the code for the log out in PHP?


How to create log file in PHP?

lib/logger.php is the main logger libraryThe create-logs-examples.php file where we will include the above library and will use the function to create some logs.index.php is the file where we will read the data from the log file.

Can anyone get access to my PHP source code?

You can't prevent your client from viewing the source of PHP files that he or she is hosting. PHP is a scripting language, it is not compiled, so there is no way of hiding the source code if a person has access to the files. The same goes for JavaScript frameworks, as those can be seen by anyone who opens the developer tools in their web browser.

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