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What services does WPIC offer?

WPIC specializes in the treatment of multiple disorders including anxiety, eating disorders and addiction. They target several programs to children and adolescents (STAR, COPE) and provided services such as resident treatment (KidSTEP), community-based wraparound and Cactis/Mobile Crisis intervention services.

What is the WPIC form for elements of the crime?

Arndt, 87 Wn.2d 374, 553 P.2d 1328 (1976), the elements instruction should follow the form of WPIC 4.22 (Elements of the Crime—Alternative Elements—Separate Offenses—Form).

What does WPIC 3508 mean?

WPIC 35.08 (Assault—First Degree (Alternative Means)—Deadly Weapon or Great Bodily Harm—Elements) is an example of an elements instruction set up so that one bracketed phrase may be used, or two or more bracketed phrases may be used by joining them with the word “or.”

What is the purpose of the WPI?

The WPI Committee's intent is to provide pattern instructions that may be used depending on the legal decision made in a particular case. For a collection of cases addressing the application of these principles to particular offenses, see Ferguson, 13 Washington Practice, Criminal Practice and Procedure, § 4603 (3d ed.).

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