What are the top 10 economic reforms enacted worldwide this year?

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As an AI language model, I can provide you with some of the notable economic reforms enacted worldwide this year. However, please note that the significance and ranking of these reforms may vary depending on individual perspectives. Here are ten economic reforms enacted in 2021:

1. US Relief Packages: The United States implemented several COVID-19 relief packages, including the American Rescue Plan Act providing stimulus checks, extended unemployment benefits, and support for businesses.

2. EU Recovery Fund: The European Union launched a €750 billion recovery package to support member states’ economic recovery, with a focus on green and digital transitions.

3. China’s Dual Circulation Strategy: China implemented its “dual circulation” policy, emphasizing domestic consumption and technology self-sufficiency to drive sustained economic growth.

4. India’s Farm Reforms: India passed three agricultural reform bills aiming to deregulate its agricultural sector, allowing farmers more freedom in selling their produce and attracting private investment.

5. Japan’s Digital Agency: Japan established a Digital Agency to improve its digital infrastructure, accelerate digitalization, and promote economic growth through technology innovation.

6. Brazil’s Tax Reform Proposal: Brazil presented a comprehensive tax reform proposal aiming to simplify its tax system, reduce corporate taxes, and foster investment and economic growth.

7. UK Freeports Initiative: The United Kingdom introduced eight freeports, designated areas with simplified customs procedures to attract investment, boost trade, and encourage regional economic development.

8. Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: Indonesia passed the Omnibus Law on Job Creation, streamlining regulations and labor laws to enhance investment opportunities and stimulate economic growth.

9. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: Saudi Arabia continued implementing its Vision 2030 reform program, focusing on economic diversification, opening up the country to tourism, and reducing dependence on oil.

10. Nigeria’s PIB: Nigeria passed the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), aiming to reform the country’s oil and gas sector by attracting investment, increasing transparency, and boosting revenue generation.

These are just a selection of notable economic reforms enacted worldwide in 2021. However, it’s important to acknowledge that economic reforms can be complex and varied, and this list may not cover all significant reforms enacted this year.

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